Buying real estate is likely the biggest and most important purchase you will ever make, having a qualified broker and experienced real estate attorney on your side is a tremendous advantage. 


Brokers are legally prohibited from giving legal advice and may not draft or alter language in the standard printed MLS forms.  If you have a real estate legal question or need language drafted for an addendum our Flat Fee Package has you covered.    


Unlike most real estate brokers, we will never act as a dual agent – we work for you and you only.    




The savings can be dramatic!  For example, the traditional realtor commission for the buyer's agent on the sale of a $700,000 sale would be $21,000 - our Flat Fee Package would only cost you $7,995 - you save $13,005, which is credited to you at closing.  




When you hire us, you get the essential services of an experienced real estate broker plus the legal counsel of a lawyer – and you save money in the process!   As an experienced real estate lawyer, Jeff will make sure you understand the process and are fully protected.


How it Works


Your job is to search for properties online.  Once you have one or more possibilities, just send us the information and we will take it from there. 


WA Realty Law’s Flat Fee Package includes all the usual full-service real estate broker services and legal review and advice for buyers including:


  • Home Tours (12 hours) 

  • Comparative Market Analysis

  • Drafting offers, counteroffers, addenda, notices, etc.

  • Review Form 17 (Seller Disclosure Statement)

  • Review of Inspection Company contract

  • Review of Septic Inspection Company Contact, if applicable

  • Review of Title Commitment

  • Review of Closing Documents

WA Realty Law charges a flat fee instead of the usual real estate broker percentage commission.  Our Flat Fee Package covers both the usual full-service real estate broker services and legal review and advice related to your purchase.  Jeff is a licensed attorney with twenty plus years of experience practicing real estate law as well as a licensed real estate broker (agent).  When you work with WA Realty Law you get the advantages of a full-service realtor combined with the knowledge of an experienced real estate lawyer. 


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