Flat Fee Package














* If your transaction will be for less than $200,000, you need a Real Estate Contract, you are a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) or otherwise just need limited broker and/or legal services, send us an email or call to discuss your needs and we will work out a reasonable fee. 




For sellers, the flat fee is paid at closing if and when your property successfully closes.  Sellers offer a commission to incentivize buyers’ agents to show and sell the property, which is typically 2.5% or 3%.  If the buyer does not use an agent, then the seller gets to keep the buy-side commission on top of the savings on the seller side ( WA Realty Law never acts as a dual agent, so the buyer agent commission is not paid to us).



Buyers pay $500 up front when you hire WA Realty Law and the balance becomes due if and when you successfully close on the purchase of a property.  At closing, you will receive a credit of the commission we receive from the seller less the balance of our flat fee.  For buyer’s using financing, the rebate is first applied to pay some or all of your closing costs and prepaids.  If there’s money left over it usually gets taken off of the sales price (most lenders do not allow cash to be paid to the buyer).

Additional Broker Fees 

Most clients never need additional broker services beyond what is included with our standard Flat Fee Package but, for those that do, we charge for additional broker services at our hourly broker rate of $75 per hour.  If you would like further information concerning additional broker fees, just give us a call or click on the Contact Us button below.    


Stand Alone Legal Fees

If you need legal services not associated with the Flat Fee Package, we charge an hourly rate or flat fee depending upon the nature of the legal matter.  If you would like further information concerning legal fees not associated with the Flat Fee Package, just give us a call or click on the Contact Us button below.  


For most real estate transactions we charge a Flat Fee Package which includes full-service real estate broker services and real estate legal services associated with the purchase or sale of your property, as set forth in the chart below.  Some transactions incur additional fees which are listed below. Fees for stand alone legal services not associated with our Flat Fee Package are set froth below.  


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