We deal with a wide range of real estate legal matters including: 

  • Real Estate Transactions including purchase and sale agreements, deeds, seller financed transactions, For Sale by Owner (FSBO), escrow services, etc. for both residential and commercial transactions;

  • Construction law, including construction contract drafting and review; 

  • Boundary Line Disputes including, boundary line agreements, encroachments, adverse possession, etc.;

  • Land Use matters including easements, licenses, covenants, road maintenance agreements, etc.;

  • Real Estate Development matters including plat map review, CC&R / Declaration preparation, condominium Survey Maps and Plans and Declarations preparation and review; and

  • Homeowner Associations (HOA) and Condominium Owners’ Associations (COA) matters including preparation, review and interpretation of CC&Rs and Declarations, CC&R amendments, budgets, resolutions, Rules and Regulations, Design Guidelines, building and use restrictions and various other HOA and COA documents and related issues. 



WA Realty Law provides a full range of real estate legal services and certain business legal services.  We can assist you with a variety of real estate and business legal services.